Scaffolding Schmaffolding!

January 23, 2008

It's the weekend and upon waking up, your heart and belly pang for a flaky,chocolate croissant and a cup of piping hot brewed coffee to accompany. Once you've mustered up enough guts to face the bitter New England air, you arrive at the bakery only to find it hidden by frightful scaffolding. Are they still open? For a brief moment, you're saddened, and think to yourself, there's no place on earth I'd rather be, than Clear Flour.

Then, you blink, and see, that tucked below the jagged scaffolding, folks with the same hunger pangs as you, are patiently waiting to make their way into the warmth of our retail shop. Inside you'll find our old standbys, the Traditional French Baguette and Rustic Italians, and you may be tempted to try our newest pastry shelf member , the baked Plum Berliner.

So alas, don't let our scaffolding fool you. We are up and running, and are eagerly awaiting to serve you.


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