The Ultimate!

August 31, 2009

We were honored by the September issue of Boston Magazine for having "The Ultimate" Chocolate Chunk Cookie! H.M. Sheldon-Dean writes, "After far too many cloyingly sweet creations, texture-starved blobs, and inexplicably lumpy specimens, we rejoiced in finding CLEAR FLOUR BREAD's unbeatable batch. Chunks of glossy, half-melted chocolate (a blend of Scharffen Berger bittersweet morsels and Callebaut semisweet chips) ooze from a soft golden cookie, which provides them with a buttery, not-too-sugary foundation; the crunchy edge stands as a perfect foil to the chewy center." These decadent cookies make a great compliment to a tall, cool glass of milk and are large enough for sharing. However, after the first bite, we can honestly say that we usually devour the whole cookie all by ourselves!

You can also check out our smaller version every Thursday at the Brookline Farmers' Market on Centre Street from 1:30 until dusk (or when they run out!). Please come by and try one today!


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