Please call our business manager at 617-739-0060 to request samples of any breads you are interested in. We would be pleased if you could arrange to visit our bakery to pick them up. This would allow us to give you a tour, show you our 12,000 pound French hearth oven, and introduce you to some of our inspiring bakers. If you find it more convenient, we will be happy to take the samples to you.
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Baguette     8.25oz
Long     14.00oz
Panloaf     15.25oz
Roll     1.25oz
Buckwheat Walnut
Pan Loaf      18.50oz
Sandwich Batard     36.00oz
Focaccia with Onion
Large     17.50oz
Small   8.75oz
Focaccia with Rosemary
Large     14.75oz
Small   7.00oz
Batard     16.25oz
Sandwich Batard     32.50oz
Venetian Olive
Sandwich Roll      4.75oz
Dinner Roll     2.00oz
Rustic Italian
Family Round     29.00oz
Round     19.75oz
Pavé     9.25oz
Sandwich Roll     4.50oz
Grande Round     26.50oz
Sandwich Batard     35.25oz
Batard     17.25oz
Petit Batard     8.00oz
Whole Wheat
Pan     24.00oz
Bun     5.00oz
Pullman     45.00oz
Seeded 7 Grain
Batard     20.25oz
Pan Loaf     20.25oz
Sandwich Batard     40.00oz
Seeded Deli Rye
Wholesale accounts can be established for any business which receives a standing order of $100 or more a week, a minimum of five days a week. New clients will need to submit a credit application for our approval.
All breads are baked to order. They utilize a variety of sourdough starters with 48 hour incubation periods. It is for this reason that all orders must be placed or revised by 12:00 P.M., two days prior to receipt of an order. Please do not give order changes to our drivers. We want to make sure that the orders are properly notated here at the bakery. Call 617-739-0060 to place orders or make order changes.
Clients who receive a standing order of $350 or more a week, a minimum of five days a week, will receive delivery in the Boston area on a regular schedule. Clients who receive a standing order of $100 or more a week, a minimum of five days a week, may arrange to pick up bread from the bakery on a C.O.D. basis.
We are open every day except Christmas day and the day after, and Thanksgiving day and the day after. Please remember that since we are open on every other holiday we will deliver bread to you unless you cancel your order. You will be billed for bread made for you according to your standing order if you close on any other day and don't inform us.
You will receive an invoice each week for the preceding week. This statement is payable upon receipt. Overdue payments will result in the cancellation of an account. Payments which take longer than 14 days from the week ending date on the statement to reach us will be considered overdue. Please check your bread in carefully upon delivery. Once you sign for bread you will have to pay for it. We cannot make changes to a bill based on a product count made after our driver has left. When paying your bill please make certain to indicate on your check the invoice number(s), and date(s) so that we may properly credit your account.